Wineries in New Jersey


winery-in-njWineries in New Jersey


New Jersey produces high quality wines throughout the state. More than 30 New Jersey wineries produce award winning wines in the Garden State.

Plan a day to tour several wineries in New Jersey.

Whether you crave a delicate, crisp Pinot Grigio or an intense, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, the Garden State’s pastoral vineyards produce a distinctive vintage sure to satisfy any palette.

Here are some of the Best Wineries in New Jersey


When it comes to wines, New Jersey is a top contender. There are many notable wineries strewn all over the place, one better than the other. At times it becomes almost impossible for the connoisseur of wines to say which winery is the best or which winery churns out the perfect flavor. Ranking them depends a lot upon personal preference and so there would never be a consistent list. Nonetheless, there are a few names that appears as the best wineries in NJ.

Laurita Winery

What catches one’s eye when one approaches the Laurita Winery is the huge barn like building that rises off a hill. What follows are vast stretches of fields, so what your eyes sees is green all the way. The building houses a two story tasting room, a dining space that comes with a porch allowing visitors an awesome view of the vineyards and a cafe to fill you with a light fare. There is even a small gift shop from where you can buy a bottle or two. Those who have bed-and-breakfast in mind, can also decide to stay at this winery as they also serve as an inn.

Alba Vineyard

There is more than wine at this winery in New Jersey. Guests can not only sample all the award-winning wines, but also enjoy them with a wide range of artisan cheeses that simply melts in the mouth, fresh bakes flatbreads and all the seasonal fruits. The Ambassador at the Alba Vineyard is friendly enough to offer a guided tour and come up with enriching narrations related to how a wine is sampled, the details of the wine making process and Alba’s history. Just walk-in at this winery for sampling the wines. No reservations required.

Sharrott Winery

The vineyard was planted in 2005, but it was not before 2008 that the winery opened its doors for the public. It would be surprising to note that this place was not even a winery. Rather it was an apple orchard that was transformed into one. The entire winery is powered by solar energy making it one of the most eco-friendly winey in NJ. Those visiting the winery will have the opportunity to sample wine that is made from not one, but nearly ten kinds of grapes. The fruit wines from this winery are the finest and is made from cranberries, peaches and blueberries.

Turdo Vineyard

If you are vacationing in the Cape May area, and is in the mood for tasting some great wine, then head to the Turdo Vineyard. Their wines are all award-winning and there is a reason why they are so popular. The finest and richest wines from this winery includes Italian varieties such as Barbera, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, and Sangiovese. Do not forget to sample their signature wine, Nero D’Avola missing out on which is nothing less than sin.

Tomasello Winery

It is said that the best is always kept for the last. The Tomasello Winery is rightfully counted as one of the finest wineries in NJ. Wine tasting in one of its tasting rooms is an experience in itself. A gift shop on site also gives one the chance to hand pick one of the finest wines that comes from the oldest winery in the state.
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