Tours in NJ


Tours in NJ

There is plenty of things to do in New Jersey but if you are looking for a fun, exciting day trip why not go on a tour.    Choose from a wide variety of tours.  Whether you are adventurous and want to take a bike tour through the woods and streets of NJ, or enjoy being on the water than reserve a boat tour.  Looking for fun thing to do with the guys for a bachelor party why not take a tour of a brewery and drink some of the most delicious beers.

There are walking tours, ghost tours during the night and even education tours.  Organize a day and look forward to an enjoyable time together with friends or family.

Here are some of the Tours you will enjoy taking while in New Jersey:

  • NJ State House Tour – Visit the State House in Trenton, NJ.  Learn about the New Jersey Legislature and visit the NJ Senate and Assembly Chambers.  You may even run into the Governor while walking through the halls.  The tour usually lasts an hour and its enjoyable for all.  Read More
  • Boat Tours in NJ –  Go whale watching, search for dolphins and relax and learn about nature.  There are many tours to choose from whether its kid-friendly, sightseeing or even fishing boat tours.  View our list of boat tours in New Jersey.  Read More
  • Nature Tours in NJ – It is one thing to explore nature in your own way and another when you are doing the same with professionals who have been arranging such nature trips for many years. It definitely pays to go on the guided nature tours in NJ because those taking you out will be knowing the exact locations and places to look into.  Read More
  • Bike Tours in NJ – Many people enjoy the outdoors and breathing the crisp clean air while riding a bike.  There are many bike tours that take you on an adventure of exploring farms, food, history and beautiful scenery by bike. It is surely a fun weekend activity to do with the one you love or a group of friends.  Read More
  • Ghost Tours in NJ –  So, if you are one of those brave hearts who does not mind a rendezvous with the supernatural, then sign up for one of the many ghost tours in NJ and you would surely not regret it.  Read More
  • Brewery Tours in NJ – Of the many tours that New Jersey is famous for, Brewery Tours in NJ are of a different kind. It might not be for everyone, but those who want to learn about the many different kinds of beers, or how the brews are made then this is the tour for you.  Read More