Top Facts About NJ


Top Facts About NJ

Learn About New Jersey

New Jersey is one of those states in the United States that has a little of everything for every one. There are museums, aquariums, zoo, video arcades, shops, amusement parks and more. All the counties in New Jersey are scenically beautiful and unique in self. Apart from being scenically beautiful, New Jersey is rich in history too. Those who are looking forward to visit this place might just know a little about the historical facts that are attached to NJ. Though there are many, some of the worth mentioning ones would be the following ones:

  • Did you know, it was the Passaic River that was the site of the first submarine ride by inventor John P. Holland. Though the event was not successful and the US Navy did not approve of the submarine design. Also, the submarine was made out of lead which made it extremely heavy. It could sink but could not surface. The first submarine can now be viewed at the Paterson Museum in Paterson.
  • Did you know, Fort Dix is a former US Army post that is located in the south-southeast of Trenton in New Jersey. This is named after Major General John Adams Dix who is a veteran of the 1812 war as well as of the Civil War. The Major General held quite a few distinctive positions throughout his entire career. During his term, he had served as the Secretary of the Treasury, Minister to France, United States Senator as well as the Governor of New York.
  • Did you know there is a museum totally dedicated to spoons? Well, there is!  New Jersey has a Museum of Spoons with nearly 5,400 spoons that is collected from every state and country. The collection belongs to late Bertha Schaefer Koempel who collected spoons as a part of her hobby. Over her entire lifetime she has picked up spoons from every State in the Union as well as most countries throughout the world. She grew up in Paterson, New jersey and purchased the spoons with scenic or historic views depicted on them. Seeing her interest and zeal, she soon started getting spoons as gifts by her friends and relatives. Thus emerged an interesting and excellent collection of spoons that is a sheer delight to look at.
  • Did you know the Hadrosaurus is the New Jersey State Dinosaur?  Modern paleontology which is known as the science of studying dinosaur fossils began in 1858. This was the time when the first complete skeleton of a dinosaur was excavated in Haddonfield, New Jersey.
  • Did you know of all the municipalities in New Jersey, it is the Borough of Roosevelt that is the only municipality in NJ that is registered as a national Historic Site? A borough on Monmouth County, New Jersey, it is one of the best places to stay in New Jersey. Originally named as Jersey Homesteads, this was created during the Great Depression as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal. The main idea behind creating this was to help the Jewish Garment Workers resettle.

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