Top Elementary Schools in NJ


Top Elementary Schools in NJ

If you are just moving to NJ and you are on the lookout for the best elementary schools for your children, you will be surprised to note that you just don’t have one option. Rather, there are more than 10 elementary schools in NJ that are worth considering. These are the top ones and are a must to consider if you want your child to begin with a reputed institution.
1. Glenwood Elementary School– Located in Short Hills, NJ, the Glenwood Elementary School promises to offer the best K-5 learning environment that you can come across. The faculty here is one of the best and is extremely dedicated and committed towards the children. They act according to a simple belief which states that since each and every child is different, they require personal attention so that they can work on the skills and develop them as well. The Glenwood Elementary School has a very active PTO that helps in fostering learning as well.

2.  Hartshorn Elementary School– Parents can give this school A+ when it concerns K5 learning in Short Hills, NJ. With 500+ students, this is yet another elementary school to look forward to if you are planning to put your children in the elementary section. Teachers are good and are highly skilled.

3. Wyoming Elementary School– Parents will be happy to see their children being part of so many activities when they enroll in this school. Located in Millburn, New Jersey, this school focuses on the all round development of children rather than just thrusting a lot of academic pressure on them. That is why children coming in from NYC schools to do not feel out of place. The teachers make the transition smooth and help them to be comfortable in the new environment. They have many programs like Holiday Boutique and Caring for Kids that gives them the scope to interact with underprivileged children and how they can do well for them.

4.  Riverside Elementary School– This school is located in Princeton and is one of the finest elementary schools that parents can expect to put their child in. Teachers are not only friendly, but they also help develop the leadership qualities in each of their students.

5.  Deerfield Elementary School– Located in Short Hills, NJ, this is a public school with nearly 500 plus students in grades PK and K5. What parents love about this elementary school is that they do a great job in matching children personalities with the teachers so that the learning process is not hampered and children are comfortable studying under a particular faculty.

6. Littlebrook Elementary School– One thing that probably makes this one of the best elementary schools in NJ is the very fact that there is no bullying here. Apart from this, this school in Princeton happens to organize many programs like the Grandpal Program and celebrating Harvest Day. The idea is to make children learn things from real walks of life.

7. South Mountain School– This school in Millburn, NJ is to give every student an opportunity to bring the best in them. The staff is supportive and that helps students give their best.

8. Maurice Hawk Elementary School– Apart from bonding with the children and giving them scope to grow and learn as they want to, this school in Princeton Jct, NJ is well known for their interaction with parents and keeping them updated about the progress of the children. The teachers are warm and engaging and that is what is more important.

9.  Johnson Park Elementary School– Located in Rosedale Road, Princeton, NJ this elementary school offers Language Arts and Maths on a daily basis. Special classes are held on Physical Education, Vocal music, health and more.

10. Community Park Elementary School– This elementary school promises a great learning environment for children. Located in Princeton, NJ the school offers K-5 program and maintains a strong relationship between student and teachers.