Top Beaches to Take Your Kids


Top Beaches to Take Your Kids in New Jersey

Top-Five-Beaches-to-Take- Your-Kids-in-New-Jersey

Spending some of the best times with family and kids on the coastal shores is all that one waits for. And especially when you’re in New Jersey where there’s almost 127 miles of coastline, finding a beach is never a hard job. Spending holidays at their dream destination for some means, having a sunbath with a glass of wine to keep you company. And while one looks to chill out in a quiet town with a historic slant and some nightlife entertainment, New Jersey is the ultimate destination for them.

Top Beaches to Take Your Kids in New Jersey

  •  The Long Beach Island– This is one of the beaches that has always made to the top 10 whenever New Jersey beaches are discussed. Since it is layered with crystal white sand and has plethora of options for the party goers, it definitely deserves to hold its position. And as they say, life in Long Beach really gets longer with the sun setting down and the place decking up for the party mood. Moreover, there are multiple staying options like the Appalachian Lodge Top or the Bay-front Condo that makes sure that your experience only gets better and better. You can easily kick back in these luxurious hotels and enjoy the pleasure of the waves rolling in with you and your family.  Read More
  • Point Pleasant Beach– Well this is the place where you and your kids will love to visit during the summer months.  It is known for its beautiful, clean beaches and of course Jenkinsons Boardwalk.  Its the perfect seaside playground which includes an aquarium, live entertainment, arcades, batting cages, mini golf and more.  Enjoy the many dining options. Eat oceanside or grab a quick bite to eat at the many concession stands. There are even options of renting bikes and exploring the boardwalk. So much to do and see in Point Pleasant Beach.  Read More
  • Stone Harbor– With the small town charm that it holds amidst the shopping spree people and some awesome restaurants, the Stone Harbor tends to be the entertainment for your entire family. While the shoppers can easily flee to the 96th Street, the beach has also got plenty of options to engage the kids as well. For some safe flat water paddling and water fun, there are kayaks and surfboards that might enthrall your kids completely.  Read More
  • Sea Girt– Your kid isn’t like the rest in the colony? Do they enjoy spending more time in their small world? Then Sea Girt is the place you must be heading towards to this summer. With a stretch of a complete mile that is not crowded at all, and an old fashioned board walk, it seems to be the perfect place for a quiet family gateway. Even there’s the Rod’s Olde Irish Tavern that you might like to visit for bringing some variation in your taste buds.  Read More
  • Asbury Park- The diversity within the small space makes Asbury Park stand out above the rest of the destinations this summer. You’ll find yourself familiar when you see young couple equipped with diaper bags roaming all around.  This is one of the top beaches to take your kids. There is almost a little bit of everything in Asbury.  From a miniature water park to the mini golf  course for the kids. There is plenty to do and see in Asbury Park.  Read More

The above mentioned beaches are the Top Beaches to Take Your Kids in New Jersey.

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