Top 10 Beaches in New Jersey


Top 10 Beaches in New Jersey 


The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium is yet to release the top ten beaches in NJ. But as far the results declared by the same last year, there are some ten beaches that have proved to be the best among the many beautiful beaches that New Jersey is proud to own. So, if you are heading to New Jersey only for the reason to have a sea, sun and sand kind of holiday, then you should know which the best beaches to visit with the family are. Found out which are the winners.

Gather up your family and friends and visit the top beaches in New Jersey.  Located in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.  From Cape May, Wildwood, Ocean City, Sea isle, Asbury Park, Manasquan and more.  These beaches require beach badges in the summer and plenty of parking.  Don’t forget your shovel and beach bucket and enjoy the day catching some rays.

Here are the Top 10 Beaches in New Jersey:

Wildwood Beaches

Though the results are yet to be declared, the Wildwood beaches are in a favorable position to win the first place without much second thought. The wide and clean beaches run for five miles across the shores of Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and North Wildwood. The Wildwood beaches is great for swimming apart from serving the interests of those who are look forward to some great water sports like boogie boarding, power boating, jet skiing and surfing. If you are the let go types, then just lie on the warm sand and get a good tan.

Ocean City Beaches

Boasting of nearly 8 miles of beautiful stretches of sandy beaches, Ocean City is comprised of the Number 1 family beach in community. The beaches are clean and are very well-maintained. A summer day is thus best spent at the beach when you are in Ocean County.

Wildwood Crest

Those who love the water cannot stay away from the lovely stretches of well-kept beaches of Wildwood Crest. You can always go out for a swim but it is advised to do so in the presence of the lifeguards. It is a family place so even if your pets are part of the family, you cannot take them along. Also, no fire, barbecue, or alcohol is allowed on the beach. Kite flying and ball playing can only happen towards the back end of the beach.

Sea Isle City

All the beaches in the Sea Isle City are manned by lifeguards which makes them completely safe for all kinds of beach activity. Do not carry alcohol with you on the beach as that is a punishable offence. From May through September, there is a beach curfew on all the beaches in Sea Isle City. So, consider your timing as to when you will be visiting this place. Glass bottles, fires and picnics are not allowed on the beach.

Asbury Park

The water is a deep blue and the sand feels like melting away under your feet. Such is the beauty of the beaches in Asbury Park. Take a colorful beach umbrella, some chairs or beach towels and lots of sun tan oil. Splash a generous amount on yourself and get a beautiful tan.

Manasquan Beaches

Close your eyes and feel the music that the waves create when they splash and break against the shores of the Manasquan beaches. If you do not feel like going into the water, just paddle in ankle deep water. That is a great remedy for a tired soul. The Softball Beach is perfect to play volleyball while The Inlet Beach is fantastic for surfing. The beaches stretch for nearly one mile, are always under the prying eyes of the lifeguards and are perfect for swimming and surf boarding.

Belmar Beaches

The beaches in Belmar claim 1.3 miles of NJ’s coastlines but comes packed with lots of amenities that makes the beaches great for the visitors. The 7th Avenue Beach is one of the best in the lot. Designated staff keeps the beaches clean and smoking is prohibited on the beach and the boardwalk. Children can take surfing lessons on the 3rd Avenue Beach and there are beach parks and playground for children. Boogie walking, kayaking and surfing are the other regular activities at the beach. s


Apart from basking in the sun and relaxing, Brigantine beaches are perfect for wave riding, fishing or just strolling down the wet sand. Swimming is allowed on the 10th Street North, 5th Street North, 14th Street North, 34th Street North and more. The beaches best for surfing includes the north of south end Jetty and South of the Sandy Lane bathing area.

Long Beach Township

The Long Beach Township is very lucky to have long stretches of clean and sandy beaches that are all well-guarded. The beaches can be entered through more than 160 street ends. The calm and shallow waters make it perfect for those who want to enjoy a refreshing swim.

Point Pleasant Beach

The Point Pleasant Beach is perfect for some family outing. The vast expanse of sandy beaches can accommodate a lot of crowd thereby not making anyone feel claustrophobic. Well-guarded and patrolled, the water is inviting for a swim and lots of water sports and activities.

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