Things to do in Eagleswood, NJ 

If you want to go away on a weekend trip to Ocean County, NJ, then Eagleswood is somewhere that will be perfect for the entire family. As a weekend spot, it has good accommodation available and there are many places around that will make your stay totally worth it. There is a lot to see around and the opportunity to take part in some of the thrilling experiences of your life.

eaglewoodamusement Eagleswood Amusement Park

Whether or not you are traveling with children, going to the Eagleswood Amusement Park should be a priority. Why? Well, it’s a place that is full of fun and games. The place has a great driving range and golfing greens where one can try their luck. But what is more important is that it is cheap: you get a wristband for a nominal fee after which you enjoy unlimited rides! You can of course enjoy individual rides by paying for them but if you are planning to stay the whole day, the wristband is what you should choose. From a mini golf course to a full-fledged gaming arcade, this place is truly a delight. The staff is very friendly.

shipbottom-beach Ship Bottom Beach

A beach holiday without a trip to the beach seems redundant and the best one in the area happens to be the Ship Bottom Beach! The area is very well-maintained and there is staff standing guard against accidents (so safety is no issue here). What is great is also that the place is not crowded which makes it a perfect place to relax and recharge and spend some alone. There’s plenty of beach food on offer nearby which will ensure that you don’t go hungry or thirsty! What’s more, there are also fine dining places if you are looking for high-quality food.

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skydive Skydive East Coast 

If you want to try out your hands at something thrilling, then visit Skydive East Coast. You don’t have to think about the safety because you would be in good hands. The professionals at the Skydive East Coast are all trained and will calm all your fears before they take you on the biggest and thrilling experience of your life.

Spice It Up 

Not everyone loves to shop for ingredients and spices and cheese and a good number of gourmet products. But, Spice It Up can change the way you think. What you can do is just visit the shop once and go through the collection on display and we bet that you cannot come out of the shop without picking one or two products or more. Prices are reasonable and you would be happy to see that the money is spent well and on something good.


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