Scary Places to Visit in NJ

Scary places to visit in NJ
Scary places to visit in NJ

Scary Places to Visit in NJ


Scary Places to Visit in NJ – It is quite evident that those coming to visit New Jersey will only look for the beautiful places to visit. But there are some among us who are happy visiting the weird and the scariest places. To them, doing so is not only a great way to prove how much courageous and daredevil they are at heart, but it also helps in bringing out the other side of the place- the side that always does not come in front of the visitors and tourists.

The Historic Union Hotel– Though the hotel is about to get all renovated, this historic 1814 hotel is one of scary places to visit in NJ. Those who have witnessed have seen ghosts of small children in the building while one claimed seeing a pair of shoes walking up the staircase. This place is located on 76 Main Street in Flemington, NJ in the Hunterdon County.

Elizabeth V Edwards School– A place to learn can also be one of the scariest places that too for all the good reasons. The school which was established in the year 1930 was closed down in the year 2004 because of the presence of a ghost that was known to set the security systems off, put the lights on and make out of service phones start ringing at any point of time. The place is also noted for one of the death’s that took place here in the 1970’s adding weight to the rumors too. The place is located at 382 N Main Street Barnegat, NJ.

The Flanders Hotel– If you are visiting this place to catch some first hand experience, then be ready to be greeted by the Lady in White or better known as Emily. The historic hotel is one of the scariest places for this reason and she can reportedly be seen at the Hall of Mirrors. This place is located at 719 E 11th St, Ocean City, NJ. For details, call  (609) 399-1000.

Raritan Public Library– A former librarian who was so fond of this place could not forget the place and has been haunting the place for many years now making it feature among one of the scariest places to visit in NJ. Witness have reported that the lights at the library turn on and off by themselves and even books move from here to there all on their own. The apparition of an elderly woman at the window and in the garden is often hard to miss. Visit 54 E Somerset St Raritan, NJ. You can call at (908) 725-0413 if you have any queries.

Burlington County Prison- If you are fond of visiting spooky places, then the Burlington County Prison will not disappoint you at all. Dating back to 1811, this is currently a museum that sees more than one ghost haunting the grounds. This place is located at 128 High Street, Mount Holly, New Jersey. Call up (609) 518-7667 for details.

Absecon Lighthouse– The lighthouse came up after a wreck took place at the Absecon Inlet killing 311 passengers and crew members. The lighthouse was in operation till 1933 but ghosts started appearing since 1905 making it feature among one of the scariest places in NJ to visit. Visitors can see apparitions and notice smells of cigars and pipes. Spooky laughter, footsteps in the tower often confirm what is just being heard. Find this place at 31 S Rhode Island Ave, Atlantic City, NJ. For more information, call (609) 449-1360.