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The Governor of New Jersey is Chris Christie.
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The Lt. Governor of New Jersey is Kim Guadagno.
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To Contact the Governor and/or Lt. Governor
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

The Governor is the chief of the executive branch of government.   A governor is elected every four years to a four-year term. A governor cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.

Whoever is governor resides at Drumthwacket, which is located in Princeton, New Jersey.  The Office of the Governor is located at the State House in Trenton. Constitutionally, New Jersey’s chief executive is one of the most powerful governors in the United States. In addition to overseeing the departments, agencies boards and commissions that make up the executive branch, the governor signs bills into law and can call the legislature into special session. The governor has the power to grant pardons and is the only person with the authority to call in the National Guard.

In order to become Governor of the State of New Jersey an individual must be the following:

  • at least 30 years old,
  • a U.S. citizen for at least 20 years, and
  • a New Jersey resident for seven years prior to the election.

The heads of state agencies are appointed by the governor and approved by the Senate before taking office. Officials appointed by the governor include the following:

  • Attorney General
  • Secretary of State
  • State Treasurer
  • Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Commissioners of the Departments of Banking and Insurance, Children and Families, Community  Affairs, Corrections, Education, Environmental Protection, Health and Senior Services, Human Services, Labor and Workforce Development, Military and Veterans Affairs, and Transportation
  • Judges (including the State Supreme Court)
  • County Prosecutors
  • County Boards of Election and Taxation
  • Members of Boards and Commissions



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