NJ Fun Facts


 NJ Fun Facts

The State of New Jersey has several different symbols that represent many of the things that are special about New Jersey.

State Seal
  • The State Seal contains five symbols that all represent our state.  Helmet and Horse Head, Liberty, Ceres, Shield and Scroll.
State Flag
  • The color of the State Flag is buff, which is a yellow-tan color and dark blue.  The State Seal is on the NJ State Flag.
State Flower – The Violet
  • Violets is a common flower that is found around the State of New Jersey.
State Bird – The Eastern Goldfinch
  • The eastern goldfinch is bright yellow with a black head and wings. Eastern goldfinches love to eat sunflower seeds.
State Tree – The Red Oak
  • The red oak produces acorns.  It has pointy leaves with prickly tips. In Fall, the leaves turn a beautiful, bright red.
State Bug – The Honeybee
  • The honeybee makes honey and beeswax. Honeybees also pollinate our flowers, including our state flower, the violet. The honey bee became the state bug in 1974.
State Animal – The Horse
  • The horse is included on the state seal.
State Fish- The Brook Trout
  • The brook trout is native to New Jersey. If you find a brook trout, you know the water is good quality because brook trout can’t survive in polluted water.
State Shell – The Knobbed Whelk
  • This is also known as the conch shell.  If you are on any NJ beaches you will find them on the beaches, the knobbed whelk is the name of the snail that lives in the shell.
State Ship – The A.J. Meerwald
  • The A.J. Meerwald is a Delaware Bay Oyster Schooner.
State Fruit – The Blueberry
  • The blueberry,  became the official state fruit in 2004 by a group of students at Veteran’s Memorial Elementary School in Brick Township.
State Dinosaur – Hadrosaurus foulkii
  • Bones of a both a lizard and bird were found in Haddonfield, New Jersey.
State Dance – Square Dance

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