Long Beach Island Beaches


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The beaches on LBI are layered with crystal white sand and has many options for the party goers. It definitely deserves to hold its position as one of the best beaches in New Jersey to take your kids. There are many places to stay such as the Appalachian Lodge Top or a Bay-front Condo. You can easily kick back in these luxurious hotels and enjoy the pleasure of the waves rolling in with you and your family.

Long Beach Island Beaches

Long Beach Island, NJ Beach Badges & Costs

To go onto the beaches in NJ you need to purchase a Beach Badge. The reason for the Beach Badge is the revenue helps to pay the lifeguards and keep the beaches clean along with upkeep and maintenance. Beach Badges are required when the lifeguards are on duty from mid June to Labor Day.

Beach Badges are needed for ages 12 – 64. Seniors have a discounted rate at 65 and older in some towns, and in other towns if you are over 65 the beach badges are Free in some municipalities.
Beach Badges are needed from approximately June 20 – Sept. 1.

At the 33 LBI Hotels or Motels and B & B’s – Most Of The LBI Hotels, Motels And B & B’S Give You Free Beach Badges with a refundable deposit. Some rental houses include beach badges, but many do not. Check with your LBI Hotel or Motel, real estate company or owner of the rental house when making arrangements.

LBI Has 6 Different Beach Badges

You can buy a beach badge at any of the 6 LBI, NJ Municipalities. Also, beach badges can be purchased from the “beach badge checker” that comes around to check that you have one. You have a choice of a daily, weekly, or seasonal beach badge. Each town has its own rate and if you purchase your seasonal beach badge before a certain date in the pre-season, you will get a discount.

* Barnegat Light – $5 Daily/ $20 Weekly/ $22 Season by June 15
After June 15 is $35 Season. Seniors 65 & older
purchased in person with I.D. only $8

* Beach Haven – $5 Daily/ $15 Weekly/ $20 Season by June 28
After June 28 is $35 Season

* Harvey Cedars – $6 Daily/ $20 Weekly/ $23 Season by June 15
After June 15 is $35 Season

* Long Beach Twp – $5 Daily/ $20 Weekly/ $25 Season by June 15
After June 15 is $35 Season

* Ship Bottom  – – $7 Daily/ $17 Weekly/ $25 Season by May 31
After May 31 is $35 Season

* Surf City – $8 Daily/ $17 Weekly/ $25 Season by May 31
After May 31 is $35 Season

It is very important that you know the actual town on Long Beach Island you will be staying in. There are 6 different LBI towns and 6 different LBI beach badges.
Please be sure what LBI town you are staying in BEFORE  You Buy Your Beach Badges As “Beach Badges Are Not Refundable”.

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