Ghost Tours in NJ


ghost-tours-in-njGhost Tours in NJ

Those who have been thinking that there is nothing exciting about New Jersey, need to think twice. Apart from the many adventurous trails to explore, and the amusement parks to keep one busy, there are ghost tours in NJ as well. So, if you are one of those brave hearts who does not mind a rendezvous with the supernatural, then sign up for one of the many ghost tours in NJ and you would surely not regret it.

  • Asbury Park’s Ghost & Legends Tour Downtown– This is the place to uncover the dark secrets of the Jersey Shore. The ghost tour makes one walk down the historic downtown district of Asbury Park. The ghost tour lets one travel back in time and gives a glimpse of the most infamous ghosts of Asbury Park. Local legends feature a lot in the ghost tours. Visit for details. Note down the address as Paranormal Books & Curiosities, 627 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ. You can call (732) 455-3188 for tickets.
  • Elaine’s Ghost Tours– This ghost trip takes you down the otherwise seemingly Victorian Streets of Cape May. Behind all that beauty lies a gruesome picture of this seaside resort. It is an hour full of unnerving ghastly adventure that unfurls at some of the haunted places in Cape May. The address for the place is 513 Lafayette St, Cape May, NJ. Call (609) 884-4358 for reservations or visit www.elainescapemay.comfor details.
  • Princeton Ghost Tour– The Ghost tour is led by expert ghost hunters. Get prepared to take a walk down the many neighborhoods, battlegrounds that were famous for the many unnatural happenings that this place is a witness to. Throughout the tour, those who are taking part on it will be allowed to use EMF Meters, Therma-meters, Dowsing Rods and Night Vision flashlights. The eeriness further increases when those who have taken part in the ghost tour are taken inside one of the oldest cemeteries of America. Get more information here at The ghost tour begins at 116 Nassau Street inside the Princeton University U-Store. Call  (855) 743-1415 for all details regarding the tour.
  • Spirits of New Brunswick Tour – One of the famous ghost tours start from New Brunswick. Death is a very strange thing and one of the hardest things to understand. The concept of something existing after a person’s demise is very interesting and intriguing. According to some, it is the unfinished businesses that entitles spirits to continue living on Earth. There are others who also believe that spirits do find a way back to interact with those who are still living. It is a spooky thing to experience for sure but adventurous enough to take a walk down the many streets of New Brunswick and hear the tales of those who continue to haunt the city. Tours begin at around 7:30PM in front of the gates of Old Queens Hall. Call (732) 986-8656 for details or visit for details.
  • The Village Green Tour- You have seen this quaint village in broad daylight. But when you view this place at night, you will hardly recognize the place. If you have courage enough, then challenge the roads of these village at night when you will have a little girl for company. The ghost tour starts from Smithville in the township of Galloway from the Covered Bridge. The trip lasts for something around 90 to 120 minutes. Visit for details or call (732) 455-3188 for details.
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