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New Jersey -“The Garden State”

Facts About NJ

With the capital as Trenton, this north eastern state boasting of some 130 miles of Atlantic Coastline is a great place to spend some leisurely days. Visitors should be on guard though as New Jersey is one such place that can easily mesmerize one with its beauty and move someone to a decision of staying there during the retirement years. New Jersey has everything that a visitor can wish for. There are amusement parks, gardens, state parks, museums, aquariums, zoo, beaches, boardwalks, galleries, shops, and restaurants and more. There is something or the other for everyone.

It is also interesting to note the way this small north eastern state derived its name. The state is named after Jersey, the largest British Channel Islands. As far as the common belief goes, the British influence over the colonies in the early years of US might be the reason for this. Originally called New Netherlands, New Jersey came to derive its current name only after Dutch colonists lost their land to the British.

There are quite a few interesting facts to be noted about this state. The ten worth mentioning ones are really worth noting.


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  1. The second largest industry in the state is Tourism. And it is rightfully so because of the many things that this state offers to the visitors. Name it, and you will find it in New Jersey. From Old Barney to the longest boardwalk that belongs to Atlantic City, from the tallest water tower, to wildlife safaris, from beaches to cityscapes, one can find almost anything in New Jersey. With many miles of coastline running along the Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey boasts of nearly 790,000 acres of farmland.
  1. Hoboken in New Jersey is claimed to be the place where baseball was born. This is the place where New Jersey’s first baseball game was organized and witnessed.
  1. While driving from one place to another, you are really not required to fill in gas yourself at the gas stations. This is one of the two states in the country, the other being Oregon where self-serving gas stations are prohibited.
  1. Though battles are never good, New Jersey has quite a few to mention in its history. It will not be hard to found at least 100 battles that were fought on the NJ soil. Rightfully, this state is the Pathway of the Revolution.
  1. This state is a must visit for those who love to eat. Often known as the diner capital of the world, New Jersey is home to a good number of well-known diners in the world.
  1. This state in the US is the only state in the nation that promotes to run child abuse prevention workshops across all public schools.
  1. Drive-in movie theatres have a very different kind of charm attached to it and in NJ; Camden was the first place where such kind of theatre first opened its doors.
  1. A long stroll on the Atlantic City boardwalk is one of the best things to do when you are in New Jersey. Lined by shops and restaurants and children entertainment areas, have a great time walking on the longest boardwalk in the world.
  1. Cape May claims to be the oldest seashore state in the US.
  1. The state bug of New Jersey is Apis Mellifera, commonly known as the honeybee.


Did You Know These Facts About NJ?

New Jersey is a northeastern U.S. state with some 130 miles of Atlantic coast. Jersey City, across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan, is the site of Liberty State Park, where ferries embark for nearby Ellis Island, with its historic Immigration Museum, and the iconic Statue of Liberty. The Jersey Shore includes notable resort towns like historic Asbury Park and Cape May, with its preserved Victorian buildings.
Capital: Trenton


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