Best Time to Surf in New Jersey


surfing-in-njSurfing in New Jersey

Surfing in New Jersey is one of the best pastimes at the Jersey Shore. Jersey beaches are where surfers can catch a lot of good waves and have a fun time.

There are many different times of year to surf. There is no particular time that is better than others, although prime time is in the Fall. However, it is all according to you, the person who is doing the surfing.

Best Time to Surf

Surfing during the summer is very enjoyable. Everyone heads to the beach as soon as Memorial Day weekend comes along. Who doesn’t love the beach and water in the summertime? As a result, there are large crowds which can make surfing harder to accomplish. But, surfers do tend to out onto the water in the early morning hours to avoid the crowds. The most popular shore towns to surf during the summer are towns like Cape May, Ocean City and Manasquan.

In NJ, the most popular surf season occurs during the Fall months. The crowds are gone which gives you more freedom to surf the waves at any time of day. The air tends to get colder but the water temperature stays the same until October. Looking for large swells, when then this is the perfect time for you to surf because it is hurricane season which often gives us those waves perfect for surfing.

Winter is of course cold and if you decide to surf in the cold water temperatures you will definitely need the right apparel such as a warm fullsuit, booties, gloves and a hood.

Don’t let the spring weather deceive you, water temperatures are still cold and you will still need your fullsuit to keep warm. The water gradually warms up as the summer months approach. Choice is yours. Surfers love it no matter what time of year!

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