Best Thai Food in New Jersey


Best Thai Food in New Jersey


Four ‘S’ and one ‘B’ is what is needed to summarize what Thai cuisine is all about. The cuisine of Thailand, one of the very beautiful South East Asian country is light in nature. But, one must not forget the strong aromatic components and the spicy edge that are very characteristic of each Thai dish. So, when it is said that Thai food is an amalgamation of four S and one B, it stands for sour, sweet, salty, spicy and bitter. Treating oneself to Thai dishes is an experience in self and even when you are in New Jersey, you can be rest assured that you would find some great places to explore this beautiful cuisine.

Topaz Thai Restaurant– This is voted as one of the best Thai restaurants located in Belleville, NJ. A small and bustling place, one needs to reserve a table in advance or might have to wait in a long queue. The menu is an extensive one and may be since they say that all the dishes are home cooked style, which perhaps is a reason that they are full of freshness and lots of flavor. When ordering, however mention whether you would like to have your dish Regular Spicy or Extra Spicy. From crab rolls, tofu, spring rolls, soups, salads, noodles, fried rice and more, Topaz Thai is a real heart warmer.

Poh Thai Lao Kitchen– Laotian Cuisine is what makes this place stand out. This restaurant serves authentic dishes of Lao (nestled between Thailand and Vietnam). The use of green herbs in extensive in this indian of cuisine and the flavors are bitter and sour. Located in Maywood, the Thai dishes are equally great at this restaurant. It sort of gives you the opportunity to try out cuisines of two places together which is a deal that you should definitely be up for.

Thai House Rock– Located in the Middlesex County, this is a small place, almost hidden from one’s view but serves large portions of authentic Thai and Pan Asian cuisines. It is not wrong to say that this place is a surprise package as it is rightfully said that big surprises comes in small packages. Anyone looking forward to some mouth watering Thai dishes will definitely not be disappointed. The food is fresh and the fresh ingredients hits your taste buds in the right place. Thai staples can easily be found on the menu like Tom Ka soup, Pad Thai as well as Thai Pan Asian flare like Ma Po shrimp and Shrimp Teriyaki.

Brookside Thai– This Thai restaurant has a very warm feel about it. However crowded it might be, the owners will make arrangements for you quickly. The decor is a perfect match and creates the right mood. The menu has all the Thai staple dishes which are a bit strong on spices but that can always be regulated with a small note to the chef. Located in Bloomfield, NJ, this is a nice place to enjoy fresh, hot and spicy Thai dishes whenever your heart feels like.

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