Best Pizza in NJ


Best Pizza in NJ



Think of a wholesome, mouth-watering food that can be at your table within just 15 minutes with the choicest of sauces and cheese and toppings. Only one picture conjures up in your mind and instantly makes you hungry. That is the power of a pizza. Just the name of it and you can feel a hungry growl in the stomach. So, what are you waiting for? Drive down to one of the pizzerias and order yourself your favorite pizza. There are some great places to pick up a pizza in New Jersey. You just need to know which are those places.

Best Pizza in NJ

1. Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza, Elizabeth- The main highlight of this place is that all the pizzas are cooked in a brick oven. Hence, the name. And there is a reason that they follow this kind of a cooking method. This process ensures that all the pie crusts is not under-cooked or over-cooked. Rather, the main idea is to cook it to perfection that will make your pizza crispy on the bottom and soft on the top. The toppings are great too and ranges from clams, to chicken, banana, jalapenos, peppers and much more. Located at 639 S Broad St, Elizabeth, NJ.
Phone:(908) 354-1887 or check our their menu at

2. De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies, Robbinsville- You can look forward to some great homemade pizzas with the finest ingredients. You can choose your own toppings too as they give you that liberty. Or else, you can try always try out their signature toppings that includes basil, black olives, mushrooms, sweet peppers, artichokes and anchovies. Those visiting this place can also try out their extremely famous tomato or tuna pie. Its worth the value. Located at 2350 NJ-33, Robbinsville, NJ. Phone:(609) 341-8480 or visit

3. Maurizio’s Pizzeria & Italian Grille, Hamilton- It won’t be an exaggeration if one says that South Jersey’s best tasting slices are available here. The sausage or the margherita, both are great choices.  Visit them at 2200 NJ-66, Neptune City, NJ. Phone:(732) 502-9111 or visit

4. Star Tavern, Orange- If you want to see how a bar-style pie tastes, then come to this place. The freshest of ingredients is always used in making the pizzas and each of the pie has the most thin crust that sort of breaks with a crunch. The perfect combination of sauce and cheese makes each piece stand out.  Visit them at 400 High St, City of Orange, NJ. Phone: (973) 675-3336″ or view their menu at

5. Razza, Jersey City- They are into making the perfect pizza that their customers absolutely love. Only the choicest of ingredients goes into making each pizza that brings water to your mouth. Just the site of the pizzas can make one feel hungry. Order a Panna or Margherita or La Rossa.

6. Federici’s Family Italian Restaurant– This is a classic family owned and operated pizza place that boasts of nearly 85 years in pizza making. Their specialty is thin crust pizzas and the toppings are varied that includes eggplant parmesan, buffalo chicken and more. Visit them at 14 E Main St, Freehold, NJ. Phone:(732) 462-1312 or view their website at

7. Nomad Pizza Co, Hopewell- Taste the best artisanal pie in NJ in a settings that is not only picturesque but serves pizzas that are made out of organic and locally grown ingredients. Their pizzas are all made in a brick oven that adds to the flavor.  Visit them at 10 East Broad Street, Hopewell, NJ.  Phone: (609) 466-6623.  View their other locations at

8. Pete and Elda’s Bar/Carmen Pizzeria, Neptune City- Don’t miss out on this place in Monmouth County as some of the best pies comes from here. The pizzas here are available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. The portions are good from everyone to dig in. Located at 93 Summit Ave, Neptune City, NJ. Phone:(732) 774-6010 . View their menu at

9. Patsy’s Tavern and Restaurant– This is an Italian restaurant and dishes out pizzas that are made from homemade sauce. The crisp crust and the choicest of toppings makes every bite of your pizza truly enjoyable.  Visit them at 72 7th Ave, Paterson, NJ. Phone:(973) 742-9596.

10. Tony Bolony’s, Atlantic City- Although this place is great for grabbing sub sandwiches, fries and desserts, nothing beats their pizza menu. The pies are all made from homemade yeast. Their classic plain is always a winner, but the pepperoni and meat pizzas are equally fantastic. Visit them at 300 Oriental Ave, Atlantic City, NJ. Phone:(609) 344-8669. View their menu at

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