Best Outdoor Activities in NJ


Best Outdoor Activities in NJ

best-outdoor-activities-in-njWhen one visits a new place, the main motif is to explore the place inside out. That is right. You read it correct. There is no point sitting within the four walls of your hotel room or your home, if you are resident of NJ, and enjoying the beauty of the place. If you want to see NJ in its true colors, then get out of that room and explore. Even old places can be explored in a new way, and there is always a scope to find something new and learn. In New Jersey too, you will come across a lot of outdoor activities that you can take part in. Push yourself and challenge the limits as there is nothing fun than trying your hands at something new and unexpected for the very first time. Find out the best outdoor activities in NJ.

Camping– Camping with the entire family is fun and there are many state operated camp grounds arranged in NJ where families can spend a great time together. Camping also gives one opportunity to get close to Nature, and kids can have a fun time learning how to make a bonfire and roast marsh mellows on it, how to identify different kinds of flora and fauna, how to climb a tree etc. The famous and most favored campgrounds are close to the Jersey Shore, Western New Jersey and Northwest New Jersey. Wilderness and the mountainous terrain makes the camping grounds worth visiting here.  Best Camping Sites in New Jersey are:

Explore The Beaches– When you are in New Jersey, you cannot ignore the beaches. With nearly 127 miles of the Jersey shore dotted with soft, sandy and most importantly clean beaches, a lot of your outdoor time will be spent either on the sand, or in the water. Just sit under a beach umbrella and take in the beauty of the sea, or if you are a water person, then fishing, boating, surfing, are your many other options to explore. Pay a visit to the beaches in Cape May County as they are famous for the fine texture of the sand that feels like melted butter under your feet.  The Best Beaches to Visit in NJ are: Point Pleasant Beach, Bay Head Beach, Island Beach State Park and Long Beach Island at the Jersey Shore.

Crabbing– You might be done and familiar with fishing. But have you tried your hands at crabbing? If you are a local, you will know what it is. If not, then take some tips from the locals and get started on your crabbing expedition. Almost all the counties in NJ have options for crabbing. What you just need is a rental boat, scoop net, drop line and some juicy baits. In ocean County, you can try out Bass River Bridge area in New Gretna, Good Luck Point in Bayville, Windward Beach, Brick Township, Mantoloking Bridge located in Mantoloking and Berkeley Island County Park.  In Cape May County, the best places for crabbing are the Lakeview Docks in Wildwood Crest and  Cape May National Wildlife Refuge.  Read More about Crabbing in NJ

Visit To The Amusement Parks– Outdoor activities are incomplete without kids as they ar the ones who are more involved than the adults. Now, kids like to do exciting things for example going up and down and round and about the many thrilling rides at amusement parks. Thankfully, New Jersey is not devoid of amusement parks. The worth ones visiting are Land of Make Believe in Hope, NJ, Wild West City in Stanhope, NJ, Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ, Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ and more.

Best Outdoor Activities in NJ


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