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Best of NJ


We put together the Best of NJ list for you to view and enjoy.  We interviewed people across the state and put together the best things to do in the State of New Jersey.  Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway for two, family vacations or getaways, day trips or a girls night out, here is where you will find the best things to do.


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Best Party Places for Kids in New Jersey – As parents, nothing delights us more than the thought of celebrating our children’s birthday. They too are very much excited just thinking about all the gifts they will get, the huge birthday cake that they get to cut alone and all the glitz and glamour that is arranged only in their honor. Read More

Best Kid Friendly Attractions in New Jersey – Vacations are the pleasant breaks that adults take from their work and kids take when they have to get away from all the homework and assignments. Both have their own reasons to ask for a holiday but when it comes to parents, they will always think about their children first. Read More

Best Fun Places at the Jersey Shore – Looking for a vacation option that promises blue skies, white sandy beaches, ocean breeze and loads of entertainment options, then Jersey Shore is the place to be. This is one of the popular destination on the East Coast and perfect for spending some great time with your family. You will not run out of historical sites, resorts, amusement parks and not to mention Nature’s bounty that makes Jersey Shore one of the fun filled destinations.  Read More

Best Beaches in New Jersey – For one who is a lover of the sun, sea and sand, cannot afford to miss visiting the beautiful sandy beaches of New Jersey. With a stretch of coastline, if NJ has anything to be proud of, then it is its beaches. Whether you are visiting for the first time, or you frequent the many townships, a beach in NJ can never appear to be boring. However, not all the beaches are great but there are some best beaches in NJ that obviously demands one visit. Read More

Best Events You Don’t Want to Miss in New Jersey – Traveling to new places should not ask for any reason. One should travel only for the sake of traveling. There are tourists who visit a certain place for no reason. While there are again some who would visit only if there is a reason for example there is an event going on there is some annual fair or festival. So, if you are thinking of visiting New Jersey and especially at times when there are certain events going on, then you should be aware of what are the many events that you don’t want to miss in NJ.  Read More

Best Day Trips in New Jersey – A beautiful Northeastern state that boasts of some 130 miles of Atlantic Coastline and many beautiful counties- that is New Jersey for you. You might need a lot of time to explore the actual beauty of New Jersey, but if you have only time enough for day trips in NJ, then also you will be signing up for lots of options. With the state having so many counties and each county with numerous townships, it is really a hard choice picking up the day trips. But there is something called the people’s choice and word of mouth. Depending on them, there are a few worth considering day trips in NJ.  Read More

Best 10 Indoor Activities on a Rainy Day – So, it is raining cats and dogs outside and you really do not have any way to let the children out of the house. If you have just one child, then the problem is less. But with two and more, the entire battalion can drive you crazy inside the house. It is hard to make them sit quietly in one place. What you can do is think about some great indoor activities that will keep them engaged and entertained. You can be a part of it too, or else just help them out with the arrangements and when the kids have settled in, just get yourself busy with other chores.  Read More

Best Wineries in New Jersey – When it comes to wines, New Jersey is a top contender. There are many notable wineries strewn all over the place, one better than the other. At times it becomes almost impossible for the connoisseur of wines to say which winery is the best or which winery churns out the perfect flavor. Ranking them depends a lot upon personal preference and so there would never be a consistent list. Nonetheless, there are a few names that appears as the best wineries in NJ.  Read More

Best Outdoor and Indoor Waterparks in New Jersey – When its Summer and the sun is burning everything around, then the best place to head with your family is perhaps a water park. You will find plenty of outdoor and indoor water parks in NJ, one better than the other. So, if you have plans of visiting NJ and thinking of how to keep your cool in the scorching heat, then do not think of any other option. Head straight to one of the many water parks and chill until the sun goes down. Read More

Best Things to do with your kids in NJ – New Jersey has many things to offer, you just have to have sufficient time to devote to all the activities that you can take part in with your kids. Apart from visiting the many amusement parks, museums and farms, there are other things to do that parents can do with their kids in NJ. Here goes the list of some of the best things to do with your kids in NJ. Read More

Best Zoos in New Jersey – Childhoods are incomplete without a visit to the Zoo. Seeing the animals in their natural habitat or in big enclosures that replicates their natural surroundings is a great experience for children. The first visit is always special and makes for a great memory and despite how much a person ages, the charm of a zoo does not cease. It is a place that welcomes all. Read More

Best Things to do at Great Adventure – If you are in New Jersey looking for some thrill, then be rest assured to get it all at the Six Flags Great Adventure. This is where the action is as this is the biggest and the most exciting amusement park in New Jersey. Read More>>

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