Best Mexican Restaurants in NJ


Best Mexican Restaurants in NJ

mexican-restaurants-in-nj Mexican food is not only about colors and the burst of flavors. Often thought to be spicy and hot, it will be wrong to judge Mexican food solely as thus. Proper Mexican cuisine is fusion by nature. It is a fusion of Mesoamerican cooking that is brought together with Spanish elements. Though the predominant ingredients remained to be beans, avocados, tomatoes, corn and chili peppers, a lot of other ingredients was introduced by the Europeans. These ingredients included meats, herbs, spices and dairy products. In New Jersey too, there are a good number of Mexican Restaurants in NJ and once in a while you can take a break and explore the flavors of Mexico for a change.  A few of the Best Mexican Restaurants in NJ are:

  • Orale Mexican Kitchen– The best flavors of the season are served fresh at this Mexican restaurant which is located in the heart of downtown Jersey City, the seat of Hudson County. Only the local ingredients are chosen carefully and used in preparing the dishes which are comforting and awesomely delicious in every spoon. Whether you are eating out with a small group of friends or hosting a corporate get together, the Orale Mexican Kitchen is a good place to be. There are seven different menus to choose from. That means, you have quite a handful to explore. The restaurant is located at 341 Grove St, Jersey City, NJ.  Call (201) 333-0001 for inquiries or visit for details.
  • La Esperanza Mexican Restaurant & Bar– Sometimes, the simplicity of the place is what makes one fall in love with that place. The La Esperanza Mexican Restaurant & Bar is one such place located in Camden County that is a family owned and operated business. This is one of the first ventures of the family and is an extremely successful one. This is one of the best Mexican restaurants in NJ that serves the finest home cooked meals and other Latin American Specialties. The place is located in 40 E Gibbsboro Rd, Clementon, NJ in Camden County. You can call (856) 782-7114 or visit for details.
  • The Mexican Food Factory– This is a family run Mexican restaurant that is established in the year 1979 and since the day this restaurant has opened its doors to their patrons, they have not ceased to serve mouth-watering Mexican food, craft beer and mixed drinks. But what perhaps makes this Mexican restaurant in NJ stand out is their ability to offer a menu that features both Tex-Mex and traditional. You would also be surprised to hear that they don’t serve anything less than 20 or 30 kinds of tequila. You can always book a table and dine here with your family. Options for outdoor dining and take out however is also available. This spectacular Mexican restaurant is located in Burlington County. Get all the details at You can also call  (856) 267-3457 to make inquiries or drop down at 601 W Rte 70, Evesham Township, NJ.

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