Best Kid Friendly Attractions in New Jersey


Best Kid Friendly Attractions in New Jersey


Vacations are the pleasant breaks that adults take from their work and kids take when they have to get away from all the homework and assignments. Both have their own reasons to ask for a holiday but when it comes to parents, they will always think about their children first. That is why when they will be planning for holidays, it is quite likely that they would look for a place that has lots of kids friendly attractions on offer. In NJ, such places are not hard to find and at times can be confusing to think where to go and where not to.

Storybook Land

Take your children back to the world od fairies, prince and princesses. A visit to the Storybook Land is going to be a lifetime experience for the entire family. It is a thrill watching your children experience their favourite stories come to life. There are rides and attractions and lots of special events to take part in. Seasonal activities like Pumpkin picking, Easter Egg Hunt bring the entire family together.  View Photos

Mountain Creek Waterpark

A waterpark that caters to the fun quotient of both the children and the adults. There are more than 30 thrilling water rides along the backdrop of picturesque mountains that gives the feeling that the rides all emerge from the mountains. The water rides are sure to test your endurance level but together, the ride is exciting and fun.

Sahara Sam’s Oasis

An amusement park and entertainment zone that keeps kids busy both indoors and outdoors. The recent attraction of this park is a space that covers 2 acres and replicates the thrill of beach side entertainment. Apart from just visiting the place as a part of day trip, you can also choose to host private birthday parties for your kids at the Sahara Sam’s Oasis.

The Ocean Ice Palace

Children love skating and this vacation, take them down to The Ocean Ice Palace to learn the ropes in case they do not know how to brave the thin ice. The place conducts learning programs for all ages. One can also sign up for private or group lessons that are held daily. One can also learn to play ice hockey here if they have the knack for it.

The Clay Pot

This vacation, give your child a hobby or let them explore their creative side. Bring them to The Clay Pot. See them learn how to make pottery masterpieces that you can take back home as a memory.

Duke’s Farm

Making children learn the way life unfolds at a farm is a great way to make them learn a different aspect of life. Through educational programs they will learn that life is not a bed of roses for all and labor is also sweet at times. The Duke’s Farm has many natural trails to explore. You can either bird watch and explore the farm on feet or on a bike.


While these are just a few kids friendly attractions, NJ has a lot on offer. Other places worth a visit includes Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and Aquarium, Marine Mammal Stranding Center, Wetlands Wildlife Safari, The Delaware River Railroad Excursions, Pequest Trout Hatchery, Adventure Aquarium and more.