Best Indian Food in Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ


Best Indian Food in Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ

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Indian food is known for the extensive use of spices in almost all recipes and the variety of flavors that bursts in the mouth with every spoonful you put in your mouth. Apart from aesthetically pleasing, all Indian dishes can put your taste buds to a test. For a food connoisseur, trying out Indian cuisines is taking part in a gastronomical journey that cannot be given a miss. In New Jersey, some of the finest Indian restaurants are located in Monmouth County and Ocean County.

Best Indian Restaurants in Monmouth County

Neelam Exotic Indian Cuisine– This is Monmouth County’s pride when it comes to picking the place where authentic and delicious Indian food is available at affordable prices. Indian cuisine is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is variety and a lot of experimentation goes in making the dishes. The best thing about Indian cuisine is it gives enough scope to improvise when one is preparing the food. This means that any chicken dish with a same recipe can be prepared by two people in more than one way. And they can taste very differently also. The Neelam Exotic Indian Cuisine has been serving exotic and mouth-watering Indian cuisines for many years. Those who have visited this authentic Indian restaurant in Monmouth County is all praises for this place. Food is served hot and fresh and with a lot of care.

Best Indian Restaurants in Ocean County

Aamantran Indian Cuisine– The word Aamantran in India, stands for inviting or an invitation. That is a very important part of Indian hospitality. Hence, the name of the restaurant is enough to lure guests in. Aamantran in Toms River serves an extensive platter that includes appetizers, soup herbs, salads, entrees, Umda Gosht, Tandoori dishes, fresh breads and desserts.

Gola Indian Restaurant– Authentic as well as fusion Indian cuisines are awesome at the Gola Indian Restaurant. The chef takes a lot of care in following the actual recipes and bringing all the spices together. From sizzlers, to main course to desserts, all of them are winners. The restaurant also serves vegetable appetizers that includes paneer tikka, vegetable samosa and more.

Tandoor E India– Situated in Oakhurst, NJ, this is one of the best places if you are looking for Tandoor dishes. Indian tandoor dishes stands for all those dishes that are either roasted or cooked in clay ovens or over a charcoal fire. Tandoori chicken for example is one of the delectable Indian cuisines that is dry in nature, but can even be introduced in a rich, creamy gravy to be served with hot, fluffy Indian breads often called naan. The ambiance at the Tandoor E India is of course Indian and you will have very warm and hospitable hosts welcoming you. The restaurant serves an array of lamb specialties that includes from curry to Rogan Josh. Once you are here, do not forget to specimen the Lamb Vindaloo, which is one of their signature dishes.

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