Best Delis in NJ


Best Delis in NJ


Want to grab a small and quick bite to eat that is prepared fresh and right in front of you with all fresh ingredients? If yes, then you should visit some of the best delis in NJ.  Delis are strewn all over New Jersey but since all can’t be good or worth a visit, you need to know which places are worth visiting. Here is a small list that you can try out if you have the time.


  • A&S Fine Foods– This is definitely one of the very authentic delis in NJ that serves very good Italian specialties. It is not a big deal to find the finest cured fish and the freshest meats apart from a wide variety of homemade breads and cheeses. One has the opportunity to hand pick fresh Italian groceries from the shelves. Do not miss out on the fresh and cold Italian salads. For catering services, call (201) 447-0800. This deli is located at 525 Cedar Hill Ave, Wyckoff, NJ in Bergen County. Visit for details.
  • Vitamia & Sons Ravioli Co.- This deli in Bergen County is well-noted for the homemade pastas and ravioli that they dish out. And they are consistent in the quality of the products that they offer. Maybe that is one of the reasons that they are not only popular, but are constantly being voted as one of the top delis in NJ. Not only that, if you are looking for oven fresh hot breads, then this is the place to head down to. All the food items are cooked with care and may be that is why they have never failed to maintain a string line of loyal customers. Food cooked straight from the heart is always loved, and the one served at this deli is just that. Visit for details or call (973) 546-1140. The place is located at 206 Harrison Ave, Lodi, NJ.
  • Giovanni’s– Call it Gio or Giovanni, this place is celebrated for their famous Vodka sauce. You can visit the place for breakfast or plan a lunch out with your friends or special someone. The sandwiches are the ones that stands out at this deli, prepared with extreme care by the friendly staff. The ingredients are all fresh and there is no doubt about it. Do not forget to ask them to use generous amounts of Mozzarella cheese in the sandwiches. When it melts in the mouth, you can feel you are tasting a slice of heaven. They are into catering too, so give them a call at (201) 791-1911 and ask for the details. This place is located at 22-08 Morlot Ave, Fair Lawn, NJ in Bergen County. Visit for details.
  • Ken’s Broadway Deli– Take it from the customers themselves who are all praises about this deli in NJ that is reputed for serving the best breakfast sandwiches. There is a very homely feel to the place. You would really want to take a seat and look at the sandwich being made so nicely and especially for you. This place is located at
    114 Broadway Hillsdale, NJ in Bergen County. You can call (201) 666-0401 for details.

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