Best Birthday Party Places for Kids in NJ


Best Birthday Party Places for Kids in NJ

Best Birthday Party Places for Kids in NJ

20 Best Birthday Party Places for Kids in NJ

As parents, nothing delights us more than the thought of celebrating our children’s birthday. They too are very much excited just thinking about all the gifts they will get, the huge birthday cake that they get to cut alone and all the glitz and glamour that is arranged only in their honor. Now, all these can happen either at home or their can be an altogether different party venue for your child. Nothing can be better if you are arranging the party at a different venue. Things work out better this way especially when there are too many invitees, but your home is not big enough to accommodate all.

There are some great party places to check out if your kids birthday is just round the corner.

1. Fun Force – It is a huge facility that offers a good number of attractions to keep children busy over a long period of time. This place offers an indoor roller skating rink, bounce house, laser tag, air baster arena, arcade and more just the many things that children will love at birthday parties.

2. Funplex– Spread over nearly 25 acres, this party place is an outdoor and indoor family entertainment center. The best thing is, they are never closed. The many attractions to look out for includes Go-karting, mini-golf, bumper boats, Ferris Wheel, Foam Frenzy, Batting Cages, Driving Range and more.

3. Kidz Village– Your kids birthday will be celebrated in private rooms that are spacious and decorated as per your requirements. The Kidz Village boasts of a big multi-level playground, a ball launching castle and pretend businesses. Your children and their friends can pretend to work and plat at the same time at the tool shop, music nook, toddler room, diner, grocery store and more. The place serves fresh and hot pizza that children and their parents love. Varied birthday packages are available to choose from.

4. Kid·netic– A cool place to host your kids birthday party this year. The package offered includes an hour of open play and games followed by half an hour of celebration. Kids can play to their hearts content in the indoor playground or choose to do something adventurous like rock climbing. Refreshments are offered and children get to make their own sundaes as well.

5. Spring Valley Equestrian Center– How about the idea of celebrating your child’s birthday at an Equestrian Center? Sounds great right? The birthday celebration lasts two hours. In the first hour, children get to ride the horses. The instructors are there to provide guidance regarding horse riding. In the second hour, your child can spent doing what children love to do- cutting the cake and opening the presents.

6. Five Star Aquatics– Is your child a water baby? Then make the next party venue this- Five Star Aquatics. This is a swim school that arranges for great pool parties. There are inflatable toys and lots of pool games. All the party decorations are taken care of by them along with providing refreshments.

7. Happy Day Farm– If your child’s birthday is in the months of September and October, then the Happy Day Farm can be your choice of party place. Tents are set up and there are various entertaining activities like hay rides, pig racing, corn maze for the children.

8. Jersey Shore Pirates– Get your child and the guests dressed up like pirates and set sail for an adventure that lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. It is a different kind of experience for the where they learn the way of life for pirates, read a treasure map, discover a message in a bottle and defeat the enemy pirates camp. There are birthday or pirate treats for all that includes loot bags, swords and eye patches.

9. The Jumping Jungle– This is an eco-friendly place and is climate controlled. Being spread over an enormous space, the place accommodates nearly 8 inflatables for birthday parties and open jumps. A good number of packages are on offer to choose from which includes Mini- Jungle Party, Premiere Jungle Party and the Ultimate Jungle Party.

10. Turtleback Zoo– Opt for any of their exciting birthday packages that includes The Junior Go Karting Party, Roller Skating Parties, Virtual Racing Party, Kid’s Pedal Karting Party and more. Read More

11. Glassworks Birthday Parties– A great place to host your child’s birthday is they have a penchant for crafts. This is a glass art studio where children are taught to make their own jewelry boxes, pencil holders and super cool mirrors all made out of fused glass. The food has to be supplied by the parents hosting the party. The package includes invitations, balloons, goody bags, and a t-shirt.

12. Chocolate Etc. Birthday Parties– Now, who does not like chocolates? And if a birthday party has a chocolate theme, there is nothing better than that. Arrange your child’s birthday party at this place where kids aged 5 years and more get to paint with different color chocolates in molds and also make chocolate lollipops, rice crispy clusters and more.

13. Skylands Ice World Parties– A skating party- who would have known that something like this could even exist? But they do and you can get one arranged for your kid if you want. Get the party down in the skating rink that is followed by games and finish off with some great food and a goody bag.

14. Liberty Science Center Birthday Parties– Is your child a science genius? If the answer is a yes, then arrange the next birthday party at the Liberty Science Center. Visit the IMAX theater, watch a 3D film, get on simulator rides, enjoy a private science demonstration and more. There is something for every child, so not forget to ask about the same.

15. Terhune Orchards– Doesn’t a birthday party on the farm sound fun? Then Terhune Orchards is the place to be. Spent time with the barnyard animals, play games and have food under the shade of a tree.

16. Top Gun Paintball Games– This place is spread over 130 acres of forests, streams, lakes and fields and is an ideal place to host a birthday party in sync with nature. Private kid birthday parties for kids more than 8 years of age can be arranged.

17. Jenkinson’s Aquarium– Have you ever thought that an aquarium can be the birthday party venue for your kid? Well yes, that can happen this time. Just arrange for the party at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium. There is a guided tour, a party room where your kid gets to cut the cake and play games with the little guests. There are party favors too.

18. Hunter Brook Horse Farm– Choose from a variety of birthday packages. The place offers a trick horse, riding and grooming lessons, karaoke, DJ and food.

19. Tie Dye Town– Children who loves super heroes or princesses will love if their birthday is celebrated here. The little ones get to make lovely arts and crafts including Tie Dye Shirts, mural paintings and more. They also get to take home the T shirts, nice Tie Dye bracelets and a goody bag.

20. Kids Rule– This is a family entertainment center that can turn into a great party destination. Your child will be thrilled to find a 6 foot self portrait at the venue. There are comic book characters to keep company and any theme that you choose. There is even a DJ platform where the DJ would churn out music for your child and the friends to tap a feet.