Best Bakeries in New Jersey


Best Bakeries in New Jersey



There is something heart warming about goodies that are brought fresh out of the oven. Prepared with all the fresh ingredients, the softness of the breads, the aroma of the cakes makes it hard for anyone to stay away from it all for long. If you are in New Jersey, then you will have a great time touring some of the best bakeries in NJ. Baking is done with passion and lots of love which means that you will have a hearty meal when you eat out at one of the best 10 bakeries in New Jersey.


1. Aversa’s Bakery– Love sticky buns or absolutely gorgeous cake that is filled up with raisins and all that gooey goodness? If yes, then visit this bakery that is located over the bridge from the Atlantic City. This bakery is also famous for the fresh sandwich breads found in the state. Located in 3101 Atlantic Ave., Brigantine, you can also give a call on (609) 264-8880 and order the freshest bread right out of the oven. They are also located at Turnersville, Margate and Washington Township.

2. Antoinette Boulangerie– The hardwood-floored shop has an open kitchen but that is not what attracts the eye as soon as you enter the shop. What catches the attention is the display case that is filled with mouth-watering tarts, macaroons and pastries. The executive pastry chef of this bakery is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America named Gina Roselle Broschart. If something is not to be missed here, then it is the coconut macaroons. They are located at 32 Monmouth St., Red Bank. NJ. You can call them at +1 732-224-1118.

3. Beiler’s Bakery– A bakery that is not hard to locate in one New Jersey’s Amish markets. The Beiler’s Bakery is located very conveniently inside the entrance to the market which means that you can hardly overlook it. They serve some of the best doughnuts, pies and sticky buns that one can come across in NJ. The address to drop in here is 108 Swedesboro Rd, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062, United States. For inquiries, please call +1 856-223-9998.

4. Cafe Vienna- They follow the family tradition here at this bakery. All the cakes that are made are prepared following age old traditional recipes that has been around in the family for long. Located at 200 Nassau St., Princeton, the best offerings from this bakery includes cheesecake, flourless chocolate cake and the strudel with a generous serving of apples. Since, it is a small cafe, you would like to call (609) 924-5100 and find out about a table.

5. Argentina Bakery– Do you know what is good about a bakery? When you walk in, see the goodies and feel to have all of them at one go. The Argentina Bakery evokes a same feeling in you. Located at 1611 Bergenline Ave., Union City, this bakery serves some of the best pastries you might have ever tasted. The whipped cream especially stands out apart from the Pasta Flora and the Alfajor. Call (201) 601-5801 to inquire about reservations.

6. Cafe Pierrot– This is a surprise finding in Andover. They serve awesome and delicious scones, pies and muffins apart from fresh salads, wraps and sandwiches. Located at 212 Main St., Andover, you can call them up at (973) 786-6069 and see if they are open.

7. Deluxe Italian Bakery– There is freshness on the racks at this bakery located at 680 E Clements Bridge Rd, Runnemede, NJ. You can hardly look away from the freshly baked items that are all stacked on the racks. Do not miss out on the cream filled doughnuts which are the best here. Call them at (856) 939-5000.

8. The Flaky Tart– Don’t be deceived by the name as it is more than tarts that you get at this bakery. Quality of the baked goods is top notch here and the stand outs clearly are the chocolate brownie and chocolate macaroon. Other items that are a must have from here are the tarts, muffins, pastries, croissants and scones. They are located at 145 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ . Call them at (732) 291-2555 for details.

9. Baker’s Treat– A different ind of experience awaits you at this bakery that is operated by Ability2Work. This is a non-profit organizations that trains and provides employment to those who are developmentally challenged. Located at 42 Route 12, Flemington, the best things to taste here includes macaroons and chocolate ganache brownie. Contact them at (908) 782-3458.

10. McMillan’s Bakery – Perfect place to shop for cream filled lovely doughnuts the tops of which are literally filled with powdered sugar. The best part? All the doughnuts are glazed with jellies among which chocolate and cinnamon are the best picks.  This bakery is located at 15 Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ.  Give them a call to place orders at (856) 854-3094.


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