Best Airports To Use In New Jersey


Best Airports to Use In New Jersey


There are many airports to use in New Jersey when traveling.  When visiting the State of New Jersey, you can choose the airport that is convenient for you to travel to and from. The best airports to use in New Jersey are those who cater to all class of passengers. Some of the worth mentioning (both big and small ones) in New Jersey include the following:   Best Airports To Use In New Jersey are:

Hammonton Municipal Airport– A publicly owned and used airport, the Hammonton Municipal airport covers an area of nearly 107 acres. It is located three nautical miles in the northeast of the Hammonton Town in the Atlantic County in New Jersey.

Lakewood Airport– Falling under the category of GA or general aviation, the Lakewood Airport is one of the best airports serving the township of Lakewood. Spread over 192 acres, this airport handles visitors who wish to fly into Lakewood. With a good infrastructure, the airport is located three nautical miles southeast of the primary business district of Lakewood in New Jersey’s Ocean County.  Read More

Ocean City Municipal Airport– Serving common public, this can be termed as a small airport spread only over an area of 60 acres. This airport is located two nautical miles in the southwest of the central business district of Ocean City in the county of Cape May, NJ. The airport handles both single and multi-engine airplanes with aircraft operations on the average of 55 at least per day. The airport handles 60% of general transient aviation and 40% of local general aviation.

Robert J. Miller Air Park– Covering an area of nearly 232 acres, this airport is named after Ocean County Freeholder Robert J.Miller. The airport was opened in 1968 and is located five nautical miles southwest of Toms River in NJ. The Robert J.Miller Air Park is owned by Ocean County and serves as a public use airport.

Greenwood Lake Airport– This is a general aviation airport located in West Milford, Passaic County, NJ. This airport is completely for public use and is owned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. The airport is however managed by the Greenwood Lake Airport Management. With only one runway, the airport is spread across 150 acres.

Woodbine Municipal Airport– Serving business and vacation travelers, this airport is located southeast of the business district of Woodbine in the county of Cape May. Owned by the Woodbine Port Authority, this airport has an extensive hangar complex that makes way to a 5,000 foot runway. Proposals for an Airport Business Park have increased the chances of an increase in the number of business executives. This airport is set to be one of the most premier airports in Southern New Jersey.

Cape May County Airport– The Cape May County Airport covers an area of nearly 1,000 acres and is extremely well-maintained. It is located in Lower Township, 5 miles away from Cape May, in New Jersey. The airport proudly shows two runways, three aircraft parking ramps and six taxiways. The peak travel months that is between May to September has records of handling nearly 39,000 landings and takeoffs. One of the premier airports handling General Aviation, the crowd handled here consists of recreational fliers, corporate aviation, charter operators as well as small-aircraft owners. There is an industrial park meeting the needs of corporate travelers.  Visit Now

Other airports that handle scheduled passenger service include the Teterboro and Morristown airport.

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