Best 10 Indoor Activities On a Rainy Day


Best 10 Indoor Activities On a Rainy Day


So, it is raining cats and dogs outside and you really do not have any way to let the children out of the house. If you have just one child, then the problem is less. But with two and more, the entire battalion can drive you crazy inside the house. It is hard to make them sit quietly in one place. What you can do is think about some great indoor activities that will keep them engaged and entertained. You can be a part of it too, or else just help them out with the arrangements and when the kids have settled in, just get yourself busy with other chores.

It s not necessary that what you loved doing as a child would also appeal to your children.This is the digital era and children are a lot smarter. But still there are some things that never go out of fashion and if your children are ready to try out something creative and unique, there are plenty of indoor activities to indulge in.

Here is our Best 10 Indoor Activities On a Rainy Day

1. Indoor Treasure Hunt– Treasure hunts are fun and when it is pouring outside, then the best way to organize a treasure hunt is by arranging it indoors. It is not going to be very difficult at all. Just place some clues written nicely on papers and hide them all over the house. Your kids need to find the clue and follow the trail to reach their goal. Keep a prize for the winner and small consolation prizes for all who takes part in the game.

2. Cook It Up With Your Mom– It is fun baking with your mother in the kitchen. Who knows whether a little chef resides in your child or not? From a simple salad or sandwich to cakes, muffins and pastries, you can cook or bake anything that your heart desires. Ask your child to help with the ingredients. Do not scold them or mind the mess. It is all part of learning something great.

3. Stir Up The Bookworm In Your Child– Reading is a good habit and as parents you need to see that your children have that knack in them. There is perhaps no better way to bond rather than snuggling under a blanket together and reading fairy tales. Either you read out to them, or let them read it out to you.

4. Indoor Camping– You have probably done this a thousand times when you were a child. A sudden downpour must have wrecked all plans for an outdoor camping. Never mind, if you cannot go out, bring the outside in. Do the same for your children too. Make some space in the room and pop up the tent on the floor. Keep the lights out to create darkness and use a torch instead, just as you would do outdoors. Make a make-shift firewood, definitely minus the fire. Let your child sleep in the sleeping bag for that actual feel.

5. Story Telling– Children have very weird imaginations. One moment they can be astronauts walking on the moon, the next moment a truck driver or a cowboy. On a rainy day, take some time out and see how strong their imaginations are. Just give them a word and ask them to build a story around it. If your children have their friends over, then give them turns to add to the story and see what story unfurls bit by bit.

6. Memory Game– This is a fun one too and can be played very nicely if you have your children as well as their friends at your place. Make them sit in a circle and give them a theme, say for example Picnic. Ask them to say any word related to it like basket, knife, cakes and so on. The first person says one word and as it moves to the next person, then that person has to mention the first word and add one word on own. The next person then has to repeat the words the first two players has said going on adding another word to the list. The game goes on to see which player can say the entire list without missing out on any item.

7. Painting– Children loves color and in all shades. Give them some paper and crayons or water colors and let them paint anything they want. Painting is a great way to bring out your child’s creative side.

8. Building With Boxes– Have loads of card board boxes stacked up in the storeroom? It is time to bring them out. Give them to your children to build a kitchen corner or their play home. Building something with boxes is fun and they would be very happy building a small world of their own.

9. Indoor Bowling– Have lots of plastic bottles at home? Turn them into bowling pins and use an old rolled up newspaper to make the bowling ball. Arrange for a small competition and get the ball rolling.  View our directory of Bowling Alleys in NJ.

10. Paper Cutting– Cut out flowers, animals, shapes and more from old newspapers or colored paper. You just need some scissors, color and glue to stick ends together. Let them draw the shape while parents can help with the cutting. A great activity to bring parents and children together.