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For one who is a lover of the sun, sea and sand, you cannot afford to miss visiting the beautiful sandy beaches of New Jersey. With a stretch of coastline, NJ definitely has something to be proud of.  It is its beaches of course.  Whether you are visiting for the first time, or you frequent the many townships, a beach in NJ can never appear to be boring. However, not all the beaches are great but there are some best beaches in NJ that obviously demands atleast one visit. Take advantage of the Jersey Shores sun and sand at these top beaches in NJ.

Point Pleasant Beach

This is a beach for every family to flock to in New Jersey.  Point Pleasant Beach, NJ is a place for fun, entertainment and relaxation.  The beach is wide and the boardwalk is just perfect to be explored either on feet or on a bike that you can rent out easily. While adults can spend some leisurely hours at the beach making the best of the lovely sun shining bright, children can explore the marine life at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium that is close by or playing plenty of games at the many vendors.  There is also a boardwalk filled with rides, mini golf and batting cages as well. There are plenty of dining options close to the Point Pleasant Beach so do not worry if you are not carrying food.  Dining at beachside restaurants or grabbing a quick bite at one of the concession stands on the boardwalk.

Bay Head Beach

One thing that might be a problem for you if you are visiting Bay Head is the absence of public changing rooms. This means that either you get ready and then visit the beach, or you can change in the car, if that is possible. But that should not discourage you from visiting the Bay Head Beach especially when you are looking for a stretch of beaches that are not crowded. The inconvenience of not having public changing rooms might be a reason that not too many people visit the place, but for a few who does not seem to care for changing rooms, can surely head here. Keep one thing in mind though that food or beverages is not allowed on the beach. That is why there will be no picnic for you or your family right on the beach. If you have a goos swim in mind or just want to surf, then the Bay Head Beach is the ideal destination.

Inlet Beach

This beach in Manasquan is a surfer’s paradise. This beach offers the ideal conditions for surfing all the year round and that is why it is a surfer’s paradise. The waves get the much needed break that the surfers absolutely love. If you are a dare devil, then visit the beach just before a storm for riding the towering waves that are a beauty.

Mantoloking Beach

Mantoloking is famous for its beach and it is yet another great option for those who love to surf. There are no jetties to interrupt the surfers who can surf to their heart’s content. The beach is guarded and visitors are prohibited to get too close to the waterfront homes thus encroaching on someone’s privacy. All over, it is a great beach to explore if one is either looking for some tranquility or spend a day surfing.

Apart from these beaches in NJ, there are a few more that incudes Island Beach State Park which is a pet-friendly beach, Belmar Beach, Ocean Grove Beach, Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, Long Beach Island (southern tip) and more.

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