Atlantic City International Airport


Atlantic City International AirportAtlantic City International Airport

101 Atlantic City Intl Airport
Suite 106
Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234
Phone: (609) 645-7895
Thanks to the Atlantic City International Airport (ACY) it is easy to get to New Jersey. This airport is located twelve minutes from downtown Atlantic City.  It is serviced by carriers such as Spirit Airlines and Air Canada. Atlantic City International Airport serves more than 1 million passengers per year on thousands of flights to and from Atlantic City.

Airport Transportation & Parking
A taxi or Jitney is a quick and easy way to get to your destination once arriving at the airport. These services can be found at their booths in the baggage claim area. Or, directly outside of the terminal. For car rentals, the airport is served by four major car rental agencies located directly across from the terminal in the parking garage.

Travel Tips at Atlantic City International Airport

  • When traveling, it is recommended arriving 2 hours prior to your flight. Always allow yourself plenty of time to check-in.
  • Make sure you have a government-issued photo ID that can be shown at check-in and boarding. If you have an E-ticket, check with your airline about confirmation and necessary documentation.
  • Pack valuables – jewelry, cash or electronics — in your carry-on bag, since check-through baggage will be screened and may be opened. Tape a business card to the bottom of your laptop.
  • If you wish to lock your check-through bag, use a TSA-recognized lock.
  • Do not pack wrapped gifts or carry them to a security checkpoint. TSA will have to open such packages, so wrap them on arrival.
  • Know what’s banned from air travel. Do not carry lighters or prohibited matches, pack knives or scissors in a check-through bag or leave them behind. Avoid carrying bottles of liquid through checkpoints.
  • Declare firearms and ammunition to the airline and place them in checked-through baggage.
  • Control your carry-on bags. Never leave them unattended.
  • Report any unattended package in either the airport or aboard the aircraft to security or flight personnel.

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