10 Ideas for Date Night


10 Ideas for Date Night


It has been a long time that you had been together. Work and family responsibilities have kept you two away from each other. But, life is full of surprises and you never know when you can be gifted with a night off when the children have gone off to sleep early without showing any tantrums or they have gone off with their grand parents leaving you two love birds alone at home. So, the night is all you have in your hand. What can you do to make your date night special? There are some great ideas that you can try.


1. Finish Off That Stack of Favorite Movies– Since you have got married, there was hardly any night when you could watch a movie together. Not even on weekends. This is the time when you can watch all your favorite movies back to back without any interruptions. Get that favorite bowl of popcorn crackling in the oven, snuggle up and watch them all till dawn.

2. Cook Up a Meal Together– You watch her cooking up a storm in the kitchen every day. Why not give her a hand and ask her just to help around a bit while you wear the chef’s cap? You know her favorite dishes and she knows yours. So, why wait up? Prepare simple dishes out of love and care and enjoy a cozy, romantic candlelight dinner at home.

3. Take Her Out On a Long Drive– After finishing off dinner at home, or at your favorite restaurant, why wait up at home? Just take her out for a long drive. That would refresh you both. Play some nice, soothing music and drive with her hand on yours as you drive down the long road.

4. Light Up That Fireplace– Nothing matches the charm of a crackling firewood in the fireplace. If you have one and its cold enough to light that up, then do so. Grab some rugs and lay on the floor by the fireplace and spend some quality time together. Do not forget the bottle of wine and some strawberries.

5. Book Yourself a Session At The Spa– A sensual massage is the best way to unwind after a tiring and long week. Take a break and book full body massages for both of you. Relax and rejuvenate.

6. Go To The Local Fair– If you have some time, then visit a local fair. Try out the goodies at the many stalls, go up on the rides and relive your childhood days.

7. Visit the Club– All that monthly membership fees are just going waste with neither you nor your better half visiting the Club. There are so many facilities offered at the Club and you cannot make the most of it because you are too busy with work. Make the best of the opportunity.

8. Take Time Out For Your Hobbies– How long have you not been painting or reading your favorite author? How long has he not been playing the guitar? Long enough? Then this date night is the right time to remind each other of your long lost hobbies. Even if it is for one night, do brush the dust off your hobbies.

9. Plan a Weekend Break– If you have the weekend at your disposal following the lucky date night, then you are very lucky. Just do not stay at home then. Book a romantic resort and just chill out.

10. Watch The Stars Together and Talk Your Hearts Out– Watching stars at night is magical and something that has gone missing from our lives. So, if you have a rooftop, then spend the night gazing at the stars. Be in each other’s arms, talk a lot and snuggle off to sleep. If you see a shooting star, do not forget to wish upon it.