10 Best Yoga Classes


10 Best Yoga Classes


Yoga not only helps one to stay fit and fine, but it is the best way to cleanse your soul and gain peace of mind too. Those who do not like to visit the gym and crunch some weight, for them, the best way to let go of that stress is by signing up for gym classes. To think of that New Jersey is only about eating at the top restaurants, shopping and having fun at the amusement parks or just soaking up the sun at the many beaches, then you have to think twice. For the health conscious ones who don’t want to have a break in their yoga routine, can enroll in any of the best Yoga classes in NJ. There are quite a handful ones that are good and worth enrolling into.


  • Yoga Shunya– Enroll at this yoga center which is also one of New Jersey’s best and oldest. Learning yoga requires a peaceful environment and this yoga center has just the right ambiance to let go of yourself and immerse in some yogic postures. They also have specialists who can help with nutritional counseling, reiki, massage and more. The address of this place is 275 Grove Street, Jersey City, NJ. Contact: (201) 610-9737 or visit www.yogashunya.com for more details.
  • Sunmoon Yoga– Promoting the many benefits of practicing yoga in everyday life, the SunMoon Yoga invites yoga practitioners to a comfortable, soothing and clean atmosphere. Unite your body, mind and spirit through yoga. Visit www.sunmoonyoganj.com welcome.html for details. The place is located at 413 Monmouth St, Jersey City, NJ and you can call at (201) 963-7999.
  • Jivamukti Yoga– Unveil a new you through rewarding classes at the Jivamukti Yoga center. They conduct more than 70 classes per week and have two studios. If you are interested in buying anything related to yoga, then you can get that easily from the boutique shop that sells books on yoga, CDS/DVDs, yoga props and more. The address for the place is 171 Newark Avenue, NJ. Contact: (201) 993-1110 or visit www.jivamuktiyogajerseycity.com for more details.
  • Happy Earth Yoga– Under the able guidance of Barbara Nagaraj, certified yoga instructor and owner of Happy Earth Yoga, yoga sessions at this place will help you meet your new self. They are a small, unique, local yoga business and offers both private sessions and group classes. Learn Vinyasa, Prenatal, Postnatal and Pranayama here. The place is located at Wayne, NJ. You can visit www.happyearthyoga.comor call (202) 306-2018 for more details.
  • Studio Yoga– A caring environment awaits you at the Studio Yoga. Unravel the magic of yoga in changing not your body but also your mind and soul. Let go of all mental agony and physical pain through meditation and pranayama. Weekly classes are held for dance, tai chi, meditation and Iyengar yoga. The yoga center is located at 2 Green Village Road, Suite 215, Madison, NJ or call (973) 966-5311 for more details. Visit www.studioyoganj.com for more details.
  • Melodic Yoga– Located in Morristown, NJ, this yoga center the owner Karin is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga teacher. One gets to learn Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga both for private and group classes. All the classes are designed based on the level, needs, comfort and limitations of the student. Learn more at www.melodicyoga.com or call (973) 392-7795 to find out more.
  • Yoga of India– One of the best in the country, you will not only find yoga classes, but also have the opportunity to undergo yoga training classes and then not only practice but teach yoga too. Mike Noury(Gurmukh) is the Founder and Director of Yoga of India and he has been teaching and spreading the benefits of yoga for more than 30 years. This is the only yoga center which provides 100, 200, 500 and the Master levels.  Call (973) 387-9642 for details. They are located in Northern New Jersey.
  • Ananta Yoga Studio– Practicing yoga is the best way to let go of all that stress and daily drudgery that takes a toil on your health and mental peace. Yoga is taught in a serene atmosphere by dedicated and creative teachers. Learn Reiki as well as Prenatal yoga. The place is located at 1133 Route 23 South, 2nd Floor,Wayne, NJ. Call (973) 696-9642 or visit www.wayneyoga.com for more details.
  • Fire Shaper– If you are one who wants to learn some hot yoga and other yoga postures, then Fire Shaper is the best place. From offering flexibility to the body, hot yoga is great for building the core muscles. Discover a rejuvenated self with hot yoga. Improve balance and say goodbye to stress. The yoga center is located at 33 Sicomac Road, North Haledon, NJ. Call (973) 949-5500 or visit www.fireshaper.com for more details.
  • The Royal Pathways– If you are interested in practicing Hatha Yoga and looking for a yoga center that offers the same, then The Royal Pathways is a good place. Not only practicing, but this yoga center also offers certification training for those who want to take up job as yoga instructors later. All can come to this place to learn and explore the benefits of yoga. Children and adults are welcome equally and this yoga center offers yoga classes and meditation too. This place is located at 57 Main Street, Suite 7, Chester, New Jersey. You can call (908) 879-9648 or visit www.theroyalpathwaysinc.com for more details.

Yoga is a great way to detox oneself and if anyone is not inclined to visit a gym, then adopting the goodness of yoga is a great way to keep oneself healthy and hearty. Yoga does not have any side effects and can be practiced daily. Make a change to your lifestyle and sign up for a yoga class today.